PuTTY for Symbian OS - FAQ

Ports and Platforms

Public key authentication fails with complaints about "OpenSSH SSH2 private key"

PuTTY for Symbian OS can only use private key files created with PuTTYGen in Windows. See the user's guide for more information. You may also be able to use PuTTYGen to convert OpenSSH keys to the PuTTY format.

The installer complains about a Certificate Error

Some S60 third edition phones, including Nokia E-series ones, disable self-signed application installation by default. You need to change software installation settings, see the README.txt file, the user's guide or this installation note.

Does PuTTY work on a Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910? Can you add support for them?

Yes! There are two UIQ 1 and 2 ports available, one from Robert Horvath and another from MobilEyes AB.